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I received a lot of personalized assistance from Jennifer and Jasmine in the Catering Office -- they did a great job!

I must say Jordan, Tammie and Stacey went above and beyond for the ACC InVenture Prize event.  Stacey oversaw the event at the start and made sure that everything was set up and the layout was exactly what we wanted.  Tammie stepped in thereafter and did her run through to make sure that everything was as specified.  She was kind and accommodating the entire night and was always right there if she was needed.  Jordan was great and was able to be a great resource for the night.  The catering staff in general was amazing and in terms of the food - I overheard a few attendees saying to each other how great it was.  Thank you for going above and beyond to ensure that it was a great night. Compliments to all.  A great end two a two-day series of events.

It was a pleasure working with Jasmine and her team.  Everyone was accommodating and this made for a successful event for us. This was a very important event showing off our new Living Bldg. Thank you..

Tammie and the team were great in helping to make our event a success! The food was lovely. Thank you!

 Hello Tammie, I just wanted to let you know the outstanding service the School of Mathematics has been receiving from Jennifer Martin, Jasmine Hawes and James Miller.  Since February, we have been having events back to back and the young man that delivered the food February and March has also been outstanding, but for the life of me, I can't remember his name.  But he always called me to let me know he was on location for my event.  And he did a great job setting up.
My biggest event was last Wednesday, April 20th, a retirement celebration for one of our professors.  This is where Jennifer and James really made "me" look good, and I know it wasn't about me.  I had a menu all set, so I thought, and Jennifer called me with suggestions of change and reassurance that everything will go well and it will make a good presentation.  The changes she made were outstanding and it was something that the School of Mathematics had not seen.  Guests and faculty continued to walk up to me to say this food is good, you did a great job.  I would reply with, "I really didn't do anything, the food was catered". They would say, "But you ordered it!"  Yes, I ordered it with the help of Jennifer.  I heard one guest tell another guest to please take notes because I want the same exact food for my retirement party. 
I know, we as staff, work, because it's our job, however; working hard and going beyond, is because we care.  Please relay my thanks to your staff for a job well done.  Also, please thank the catering chef too.

Thanks again.

I received a lot of personalized assistance from Jennifer and Jasmine in the Catering Office -- they did a great job!

James had everything set-up and ready to go by the time I got there.  He's great to work with.  Thanks!

The service was excellent and very accommodating.

Always fantastic. Thank you!

The catering team was very professional and attended to our event very well.  Special thanks to Jennifer for advising me to adjust my order to the appropriate amount of refreshments.  Everything worked out perfectly.

The staff was excellent and we would love to have them again.

The woman who was with us for the entire reception was amazing. She gave us the best service I've ever received.


The catering staff was wonderful and very mindful about entering the room while they were doing their meditation and breathing exercises. Thank you!

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