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Georgia Institute of Technology

Dining @ Tech

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign-up for my meal plan?

You can sign up for a meal plan via the Dining Services meal plan website

How does my meal plan work?

Depending on your meal plan, you are allotted a certain number of meal swipes: 120-350.  All plans, are a declining balance. All full plans come with 200 Dining Points and $50 BuzzCard Funds. Additional Dining Points can be purchased throughout the semester in 200, 400, and 600 increments.  

When does my meal plan begin and end?

Your meal plan begins January 5th at dinner at Brittain, North Ave, West Village and campus retail locations. Last meal served will be May 4th.

Can I purchase multiple meal plans in a semester

YES! students may purchase multiple "Meal Pass" plans in a semester by visiting the meal plan page, selecting purchase, logging into transaction site and reloading. Alternatively Dining Points may be purchased.

Where can I use my meal swipes?

Your meal swipe can be used at any of our 2 on-campus Community Restaurants: North Ave, and Brittain as well as West Village micro-restaurants. You may now use a meal swipe for purchases valued at $10 at Essential Eats, Simply Sustainable Salad & Soup bar, Simply To Go, and for Coca-Cola beverages, or sweet and salty snacks.

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What happens to meal swipes I do not use?

Unused meal swipes expire at the end of the semester.    

What is the difference between Dining Points and BuzzCard Funds?

Dining Points are tax exempt funds that can be used at all Georgia Tech Dining Services locations. One Dining Point equals $1. Dining Points can be purchased in increments of 200, 400, and 600.  Customers who purchase $400 or $600 Dining Points receive an additional 10% in bonus points.  Dining Points roll-over at the fall semester but expire at the end of spring. Dining Points purchased during spring or summer semesters do not roll-over.

Where can I use my Dining Points?

Dining Points can be used at all Community and Retail Restaurants and 30 Georgia Tech Dining Services on-campus locations. Dining Points are for food items only.

What dining options are available to students with a food allergy or dietary needs?

If you have a food allergy or intolerance, it is important to learn about our choices. Nutritional information for menu items, including common food allergens, are available on our website and listed on all menu identifiers at Community Restaurants. The Simple Servings station, available at North Ave and West Village, serves meals free of the eight (8) big allergens. Additionally, Mindful meals and options are available at all Community Restaurants and at Essential Eats, Simply to Go, and Simply Sustainable in the Food Court for those interested in healthy options with lower calorie and sodium content.

Our campus Dietitian, Amber Johnson, and Chefs are available to meet privately to discuss personal nutritional needs and determine the best solution for us to meet them. Contact our Dietitian, Amber Johnson for your dietary questions at

What time do the Community Restaurants & retail locations close?

Hours of operations vary, visit for the most current hours of operations.

Can I change my meal plan?

The only changes permitted are for Freshmen living in student housing who pledge a Greek letter organization. They may switch to Greek 120 meal plan.

Who can use my meal swipes?

Meal Swipes are only valid for the student who is assigned the plan.

Do I have to request a meal plan for each semester?

If you are Freshman living on campus your current meal plan will automatically continue from fall to spring semesters. It does not continue to summer semester. If you are a voluntary participant, your meal plan will not automatically continue, and you can re-purchase online at

How do I check my meal plan, Dining Points balance?

Account balances are printed on the bottom of you receipt after each purchase and available on your BuzzPort at

Who can I contact with additional questions?

Georgia Tech Dining Services

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Use your Dining Point Bonus Dollars at these locations:

-Twisted Taco-Rays Pizza-Far East Fusion-Food Court-Taco Bell-Dunkin Donuts-Starbucks-Chick-Fil-A-Essential Eats-Subway

If you have any questions regarding meal plans, please contact Georgia Tech Dining Services at 404-894-2383. 

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