For both methods, funds are loaded onto your GT Id and can be used all Georgia Tech Dining Services locations.  The funds are a declining balance and your balance can be viewed on the bottom or your receipt.  You can always add more funds and they never expire.

BuzzCard Deposit Georgia Tech employees can deposit a minimum of $20 to their account, do not have to maintain the $20 balance, can reload funds at any time, may opt to deposit more than $20 and will receive a 20% bonus with every $20 deposit.

Payroll  (NEW)  Georgia Tech Employees may now use payroll deduction to pay for their campus dining experience.  Those signed up for this method agree to have a minimum of $20 deducted every pay period and will receive a 20% bonus with every $20 deduction.

It begins as soon as you deposit funds.  Your funds never expire and roll over semester to semester as long as you are at Georgia Tech.

Your funds can be used at any of our on campus dining locations. Click here to view all dining locations

If you have a food allergy or intolerance, it is important to learn about our choices. Nutritional information for menu items, including common food allergens, are available on our website and listed on all menu identifiers at Community Restaurants. The Simple Servings station, available at North Ave and West Village, serves meals free of the eight (8) big allergens. Additionally, Mindful meals and options are available at all Community Restaurants and at Essential Eats, Simply to Go, and Simply Sustainable in the Food Court for those interested in healthy options with lower calorie and sodium content.

Our campus Dietitian, Amber Johnson, and Chefs are available to meet privately to discuss personal nutritional needs and determine the best solution for us to meet them. Contact our Dietitian, Amber Johnson for your dietary questions at 404.894.3710.

Hours of operations vary. Visit What’s Open Now for the most current hours of operations.

Account balances are printed on the bottom of you receipt after each purchase and available on your BuzzPort at