You can sign up for a meal plan starting April 22nd via the through June 28.

Depending on your meal plan, you are allotted a certain number of meal swipes: 200 150, 100, or 50.  All plans are a declining balance. All full plans come with 100 Dining Dollars and $50 BuzzCard Funds, except for the 50. Additional Dining Dollars can be purchased throughout the semester in $50 increments.

Your meal plan begins Sunday, May 12, 2019 at Brunch. Last meal served will be August 2nd, 2019 at lunch (2:00pm).  Dining Dollars roll over from summer to fall to spring 2020. You can purchase more Dining Dollars at

YES! Students may purchase multiple "Meal Pass" plans in a semester by visiting the meal plan page, selecting purchase, logging into transaction site and reloading. Alternatively Dining Dollars may be purchased.

Unused meal swipes expire at the end of the semester.

Dining Dollars are sales tax exempt funds that can be used at all Georgia Tech Dining Services locations. Dining Dollars may be purchased in increments of $50, $200, $400, and $600.  Customers who deposit $400 or $600 Dining Dollars receive an additional 10% in bonus Dining Dollars.  Dining Dollars roll over from summer semester to fall, from fall semester to spring, and expire at the end of spring semester. Dining Dollars purchased during spring semester do not roll over to the next academic year and will expire at the end of the spring semester.  Buzzcard Funds information can be found here.

Dining Dollars and Bonus Dining Dollars may be used at all Community Restaurants and at all retail Georgia Tech Dining Services on-campus locations for food items only. Add more:

Nutritional information for menu items, including common food allergens, are available on our website and listed on all menu identifiers at Community Restaurants. The Simple Servings station, available at West Village, serves meals free of seven of the eight big allergens. Additionally, Mindful meals and options are available at all Community Restaurants and at Essential Eats, Simply to Go, and Simply Sustainable in the Food Court for those interested in healthy options with lower calorie and sodium content.

Halal options on campus can be found at Smoked and Grilled, Ray's Pizza, Kalamata, Panera Bread and Auntie Anne's.

Our campus Dietitians, Amber Johnson and Leah Galante and Chefs are available to meet privately to discuss personal nutritional needs and to identify how best we can help accommodate your unique needs. Contact our Dietitians at for your dietary questions.

Hours of operations vary. Visit what’s open now for the most current hours of operations.

Your meal swipes are accepted at Brittain, Brittain Simply To Go, the following Student Center locations: Essential Eats, Simple Servings Salad and Soup Bar, Simply To Go, & Kalamata Express as well as the 2nd floor West Village venues.

Meal swipes are only valid for the student who is assigned the plan.

If you are a first year student living on campus, your current meal plan will automatically continue from fall to spring semester. It does not continue to summer semester. If you are a voluntary participant, you must purchase a new meal plan at the beginning of each semester using the meal signup link at

Dining Dollar Account balances are printed on the bottom of each sales receipt. Dining Dollar and available meal swipes (for block-style plans) are also available at (“Manage Account” option).

Additional Meal Plan Information and Instructions may be found here.

A complete copy of the Meal Plan Policy may be found here.

For concerns related to Dining Operations (Food Service, Menus, Locations, Hours of Operation, etc.), please contact:

Georgia Tech Dining Services 
(404) 894-2383

For concerns related Meal Plan Selections and Charges, please contact:

Georgia Tech BuzzCard Center